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The Seasons of Stories


Ah, spring! The world is fresh and new. The craft of writing is still relatively unknown. You are gearing up for adventure, gathering the tools, each detail learned an exciting discovery. Your words might be clunky and cliche but right now you don't care, because the thrill is in putting pen to paper and creating something to call your own.


Smooth sailing! You've mastered the basics and are starting to feel like a "real" writer. Your WIP is your baby, and you are pretty sure it's going to be a masterpiece when everything is said and done. You don't sweat the small stuff. The words flow so fast and sure you can't believe why those other writers complain so much. The blank white page doesn't scare you.


Procrastination and writer's block have hit, and the blank page looms. Your WIP sits dormant for weeks or months at a time. You try to figure out different ways to either avoid or jump start your creativity. Distraction comes in the form of Shiny New Ideas! You start a dozen new notebooks as your mind jumps from story to story. You'll do anything to keep from having to face your grumpy WIP, and maybe all this excitement means you're meant to be working on something else.


Your WIP comes knocking when you least expect it because that plot snag you've been avoiding suddenly has an answer. You dig yourself out of the rut, put away the other notebooks and distractions, and stick your butt in the chair. The tunnel might still be long, but there's now a faint light at the end. You remember why you love your WIP, why you called it your baby. There's a story in you that needs to be told. You will write through the winter, confident that one day spring will come again.


The journey might differ for each writer, but I hope you know that I will be there to cheer you on through whatever season you find yourself in and eagerly await the words you create. Your stories are wonderful and worth sharing with the world.

Write on, my friends!

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